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I'm Tamsyn Smith, "That One Girl" with the photo obsession...

I graduated from Austin Peay University back in 2010 with a degree in psychology, just two months after my college sweetheart and I married. I had big plans for my future as a psychologist, but after a lot of soul searching I found that the only field within psychology that I would be truly happy required too much traveling for the life Hubsters and I were living. With that realization, it was time to find something else that I was equally passionate about. Well, it wasn't until our sweet girl was born that I found what I was looking for. She gave me a purpose I never knew I lacked and I wanted nothing more than to capture every moment at every stage in her life! So, I picked up a camera and haven't looked away from the viewfinder yet (and hopefully never will). Eventually I began exploring the possibility of starting this new chapter in my life, and thus That One Girl's Photography was born. So, here I am now and I love what I do! I am always trying to learn and grow in this business so that I may capture the little moments you adore; a little token of your life as it is right now that you will cherish for many generations to come! 


I want to take this time to tell you how much you mean to me! I'm so overwhelmed by all your support, without you I could not have gotten far on this journey.


Thank you so so very much!

 -That One Girl

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